Activities Office

HIS strongly believes that activities play a significant part in the development of students. Co-curricular activities are a fundamental part of school life and aide in improving student learning at school. These activities are structured and balanced within the scholastic educational/academic curriculum so that every student gets to learn beyond the knowledge of disciplinary areas.
Extra-curricular activities, however, complement co-curricular activities and groom students in the “art of living and working together.” They are authentic learning opportunities that students experientially explore.
Amongst the extra-curricular activities, HIS clubs and varsity teams standout each semester. Students have a wide variety of activities to choose from: cultural activities, sports activities, competitions, house-on duties and a lot more. Students partake in various clubs of interest while maintaining a proper academic performance. The clubs offered match the various interests of learners and allow them to unleash talents, explore areas of interests, and make lifelong friendships.
The Activities Office at HIS, in both its co-curricular and extra-curricular fields, nurtures social & intellectual skills, instills HIS values, encourages personality development, endorses character advancement in students, and tightens the bond between the school, students and the larger community.
The Activities Office liaises, coordinates, and plans for in-school and out-of-school curricular and extra-curricular activities, after-school activities, school clubs, and also plans for special occasions and celebrations.

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