School Principal Message

HIS continues. Its journey has been bursting with achievements and full of challenges. So far, we have collaboratively enrooted distinctive outstanding landmarks in this life-long journey. We are now authorized from the IB. We have received the ISA award from the British Council. We have accomplished 70% of the construction work, and have now attained worldwide acclaim! Throughout this journey, Al-Hayat inspired us to keep on learning from our children, teams, and the people around us. Al-Hayat inspired us to question and break the defaults so as to be creative and enjoy what we are doing. Al-Hayat inspired us to believe that endorsing a mindset of growth leads to remarkable achievements. Al-Hayat inspired us to bravely fight the “impossible” by planning and preparing. Al-Hayat inspired us to internalize perseverance and patience so as to unlock the doors of success. Al-Hayat inspired us to believe that Allah the Greatest is always there, and we need to solely rely on Him to cater to the miracles on our hands that are our children.

In reflection on what was learned, today we will be committed to our ongoing improvement and development. This has led us to renew our strategic plan which is properly ambitious in its educational reach, scope, and needs, in order to accommodate the remarkable range of people that it serves. While we are justifiably proud of what the school has been able to achieve during its first years, we like to think that we are forward thinking and progressive as well as, increasingly seasoned.

Alaa H. Katerji
School Principal

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