Employment Application

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Instructions: Please fill this application using a computer desktop or laptop and not a mobile phone.

Applicant Information

  Name of the Applicant (same as listed in passport)

Residence / Home Address:

Educational Background and Language Skills

    Please include all your high-school/secondary, undergraduate and post-graduate certificates, degrees, and qualifications
Post-Graduate Degrees
Undergraduate degrees, certificates and programs
Other certificates and programs (Diploma Programs, Continuing Education Programs...)
*REQUIRED DOCUMENTATION: Official grade transcripts and authentic copies of the earned degrees and school certificates should be certified by the Ministry of Education and submitted with your application. Letter of enrollment for any current undergraduate or master’s programs should be submitted.

Language Skills

The applicant: (check all that applies)

Work Experience

REQUIRED DOCUMENTATION: An official experience letter should be submitted.

Teaching Applicant’s Educational Program Experience

Professional Development

*Please list only the certified workshops. A copy of the certificate is required

Family Information

Spouse Information Needed:
Please list all Children and/or adult relatives in your care or under your legal guardianship

Additional Applicant Information

Medical Information

*If Yes, you MUST include all the medical reports and related evaluation documentation with the application.
*REQUIRED DOCUMENTS: Official reports MUST be submitted.

Cross Teaching Applicant's Philosophy

Administrative Positions Requirements:

Professional References

*Note about Professional References:
  • Only references in relation to your professional capacity should be included.
  • Relatives and friends should not be included as a professional reference
  • HIS has the right to contact the current employer if he/she is not mentioned in the referees list
  • HIS reserves the right to seek additional references from its own resources, even those not stated in the reference list.

Documentation and Communication

Employment decisions will be communicated through a phone call and an email only after:
  • The submission of complete Employment Form with all the required documents to the Human resources Office.
  • The completion of all in-person interviews which will be conducted with potential candidates.
  • The confirmation of vacant positions for the applicant's employment request.

Required Documentation For This Employment Application Form:

Applicant Signature and Attestation:

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