Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Ecrit par : Rawane Zeitoun La plus belle expérience que j’ai vécu durant ma vie professionnelle c’est mon travail dans un tel établissement « HIS » connu par « Al Hayat International School ». Pourtant, ce sigle porte, pour moi, des connotations différentes que personne ne peut comprendre sauf si elle aura la chance d’en devenir un...
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Facebook Twitter LinkedIn What is your first thought when you think of history? What is your second thought when you think of an activity? Do you ever think about the two combined? Recounting historical events is a way of recreating a past activity. So, the method in which this recreation is being done should be...
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Facebook Twitter LinkedIn It all started when I graduated from high school and decided to join the educational domain. I got enrolled in the university with the passion to be a teacher and to help raise future generations. To be honest, I went through many ups and downs during these past three years, but the...
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Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Figure 1: (left) Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs (right) Bloom’s revised Taxonomy of learning. Who among us (pun intended in relation to the popular video game) does not face days when productivity drops down? Students are anxious these days. Their productivity is at an all-time low. Yet they are asked to focus and...
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Facebook Twitter LinkedIn –Scenario 1: I wake up at 6, wash the sleep away, and off I go to meet my colleagues, then my students. “Good morning everyone”, I utter calmly as I see them coming in. When the bell rings, I dismiss my students to their break and prepare myself for mine. – Scenario...
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Human beings from ancient ages need to use and deal with numerical issues to control and regulate their lives and needs. So many life issues are random, miscellaneous and sometimes heterogeneous; such inputs are independent variables for numerical functions whose outputs are the dependent variables of success. How great is a language that: Sets up...
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Facebook Twitter LinkedIn     بالرّغم من تفوق القطاع التّعليمي في جميع التّحديات وبقائه رمزًا للحضارة  والتطور والوعي بأنواعه، يعيش اليوم تحدّيًا صعبًا وجدّيًا قد يكون سدًّا منيعا أمام كلّ طالب علم، لمحو مشكلة اجتماعية بارزة ألا وهي الأميّة.   يسلك التّعليم في أيّامنا هذه طريقًا جديدًا ألا وهو التّعليم عن بعد. وكما لجميع الطّرق...
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Facebook Twitter LinkedIn The universe that we live in expands by the minute. The number of mysterious things is uncountable. Every single planet in our galaxy and beyond is unique. Each planet has a different color, shape, dimension, and characteristics. I like to believe in the interconnectedness of the world. The same way every planet...
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Facebook Twitter LinkedIn I’ve always liked mathematics. I have always found pleasure in solving equations and figuring out the answers to mysterious problems. I had this passion ever since I was a child, and I knew that I was able to pass this passion to others especially that I love working with kids, thus I...
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