The Physical, Social, and Psychological Safety Committee

HIS strives to provide a safe learning and working environment, for students, faculty and staff. While it’s true that every member works or learns differently every day, the environment itself plays a significant role in their development. Safe learning environments translate into comfortable learning and homey environments. They are places which boost everyone’s wellness. This is why the Physical, Social, and Psychological Safety (PSPS) Committee is there at HIS.

The goals of the PSPS Committee are to:

  • Maintain a physically, psychologically, and emotionally safe environment for all students, teachers, and school personnel
  • Observe and assess the school’s safety, including that of buildings, playgrounds, and classrooms
  • Temper and manage the school environment to ensure emotional growth and safety within parent-student, teacher-student, and student-student interactions
  • Organize physical and psychological awareness campaigns based on community needs
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