Teaching: The Active Way

What is your first thought when you think of history? What is your second thought when you think of an activity? Do you ever think about the two combined? Recounting historical events is a way of recreating a past activity. So, the method in which this recreation is being done should be active.

Coming from a bachelor’s in History background, and working on the field as an Activities Coordinator, was a hard mix for me since both were dominating but seemingly opposing hobbies I enjoyed doing, reading, and learning more about. With time, however, I noticed these two are much adjacent than they seem.

My motivation for following an education in History was definitely not reinforced at school. It was the way the courses were given at the university, the variety of historical information passed on, and the charismatic character of the professors giving it that did it for me. These courses were completely different to the excruciating days of memorizing every little detail at school without fully visualizing the events. I wanted to find a better way of tutoring History: an active one.

At HIS, it was challenging being an Activities Coordinator, especially with the norms of inquiry based teaching adopted in the school that is very active within class sessions as well. I wanted students to be on the edge of their seats in excitement about the upcoming event as they were in class: hook, line, and sinker. By observing the learning approach at HIS, I was able to learn how to “actively” teach. What I lacked in education at university level, I highly engaged in my career. Isn’t that the benefit from taking a time off studying and learning while working on ground? 

In conclusion, history is so full of memorable activities, events, and moments that must be printed or even engraved in stones. Give these memories their due, and pass them on to the next generation with the utmost respect and dedication. Appreciate what the historians did to preserve the information. Above all, appreciate the mind of the student that nowadays needs an active and engaging learning environment.

Sara Moussalli: Activities Coordinator at Al-Hayat International School (HIS). Holds a BA degree in History from AUB; MA in Islamic Studies in progress. Volunteered in Relief Organization and was assigned PR Manager in Insight Club-AUB.

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