Board of Trustees Message

To Our Beloved Community,

Al-Hayat International School (HIS) embodies the very essence of its name. Life (Al-Hayat) is a gift from God, and our opportunity to return this gift to mother earth is in rearing young people who are compassionate and critical thinkers, who are ethical, respectful, and caring humans. Peace and harmony in society come from responsible and open-minded individuals’ possession of the finest education possible. Education involves learning and adopting a shared understanding of the world through the deployment of tools: technology, art, and knowledge acquisition. This is our promise to you. Our goal is to prepare our students not only to face their future, but to more importantly, participate and lead in creating a better world for all, by the will of God. 

Our world class student-led inquiry approach engages students through discussion and debate from multiple perspectives, as well as hands on discovery and exploration aimed at inspiring their learning.  

HIS vision and commitment to our learning community is to protect and nurture the seeds of success that harbour within the leaders of tomorrow. 

Board of Trustees

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