Off to a New Start!

It all started when I graduated from high school and decided to join the educational domain. I got enrolled in the university with the passion to be a teacher and to help raise future generations. To be honest, I went through many ups and downs during these past three years, but the last year was the hardest. Though I was very enthusiastic and excited about my last University year, unfortunately, circumstances resisted my dreams and will. As seniors, we started our year with a revolution, followed by COVID-19 lockdown, and it was just the tip of the iceberg. Despite a general global sense of despair, hope was always there and I was determined to continue my university journey with ambition. Alhamdulillah, I graduated and was accepted at HIS, and I’m very grateful to join this amazing community. It is my first year at teaching, and I’ve had to cope with the idea of teaching online. I’ve had to overcome a lot of obstacles and have had to work hard on my personal development to be able to successfully take on the role of an educator. I received support from everyone in school and that encouraged and motivated me to move forward. After a whole month of online teaching, I ‘ve gotten to know my little munchkins, built a good relationship with them, played and danced with them, and most importantly we’ve built strong connections with each other. Personally, HIS helped improve my self-management and communication skills. It also helped unleash the inquirer within me.

Now that I’ve become a member of this community, I feel grateful and appreciative for the help and support of each and every individual within this community. HIS is my second home, a place where I’ve found myself to be amongst family.

I wish this beautiful new family of mine a successful year full of love and prosperity.

Mariam Sinji: EYIII English HRT, Teaching Bachelor’s Degree in Education and Training from the Lebanese University, Faculty of Pedagogy.

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