Distance Learning Procedures and Practices

HIS is committed to providing complementary and alternative means of education in the form of distance learning, either to extend and organize students’ out-of-school learning or to facilitate learning under complete/partial school closure. This form of virtual learning makes up the experience students have as school remains in session despite campus closure. Campus closure could result due to: potential political-unrest, health outbreaks, or natural disaster emergencies.
Staff members including all teams are to be effectively functional and are to prepare both synchronous and asynchronous virtual experiences for the learning community.
Distance learning provides novel experiences which could differ in the features and nature of onsite learning experiences; as such, distance learning alone doesn’t replicate onsite learning. To that end, our pedagogical team are to ensure the delivery of powerful learning that is sufficient to meet expected standards.
Successful distant learning execution is dependent on efficient planning, appropriate student readiness, engagement, motivation, and most importantly strong parent support and follow-up. This alternative mode of instruction requires a rearrangement of roles and shared responsibilities by all parties involved.

Despite campus closure being a time rife with uncertainty and challenges, it’s also a time rife with unlimited opportunities that allow students to connect ideas and share experiences from around the globe. This successful maneuvering of challenging circumstances demonstrates how Al-Hayat International School ensures preparedness, response, and recovery in times of unexpected closure.

Asynchronous learning is employed during normal and exceptional situations (via the use of platforms adopted by HIS); however, synchronous learning is employed during emergencies and force majeure situations or upon need as per formal announcements shared by the Board of Directors. The severity of any single emergency determines the feasibility of synchronous learning.

At the beginning of every year, HIS shares the synchronous and asynchronous platforms employed with its community.

The Distance Learning Procedures And Practices clearly states the role of the administration, teacher, student, and parents in making distant learning as successful and effective as possible.

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