Language of Numbers…The Rigid Mother Tongue of Languages

Human beings from ancient ages need to use and deal with numerical issues to control and regulate their lives and needs.

So many life issues are random, miscellaneous and sometimes heterogeneous; such inputs are independent variables for numerical functions whose outputs are the dependent variables of success.

How great is a language that:

  • Sets up & organizes life (management, routines, appointments, counting, inheritance, habits, business, professions, …)
  • Rhythms lifestyles
  • Other languages depend on
  • Owes a unique rigid interpretation
  • Is a common language
  • Describes data precisely
  • Reads facts and sciences standardly
  • Highlights miracles in the Holy Qur’an (The difference between the number of days in a Crist Year and a Hijri Year, The number 7, The number 19, divisibility, sequences, …)

Such language is THE LANGUAGE OF NUMBERS: MATHEMATICS. Every single person uses this language either consciously or unconsciously. Even some animals use counting!

Bilal Itani: Mr. Itani was a licensed Assessor in Grade 9 math official exam for several years. He holds Higher Studies Diploma in Teaching Math. He is an experienced trainer at the Lebanese University, math coordinator, math teacher, SAT trainer, and math tutor since 1998. He also introduced the math Lebanese curriculum in Turkey – September 2019. Mr. Itani is passionate to organizing math-related activities and a big fan to sports, especially football.

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