Organic Galaxies

The universe that we live in expands by the minute. The number of mysterious things is uncountable. Every single planet in our galaxy and beyond is unique. Each planet has a different color, shape, dimension, and characteristics. I like to believe in the interconnectedness of the world. The same way every planet is unique, every single person is unique as well. The same way every planet has a purpose, every single human being has a purpose. Our differences make us special and open doors for conversations, debates, explorations, adventures, and new experiences. The same way the universe expands in dimension, we evolve and grow with time. Life is a beautiful journey, it isn’t all colorful, but everything shall pass. Every step in life brings us to the realization of the beauty of the world. The amount of blessings that we have is infinite, starting from the ability to breathe to being a totally functioning person. We are complex beings and by complex, I mean sophisticated in every detail. One of the substantial experiences in life is love and love makes us better people. Loving your family and friends fills your heart with purity, acceptance, and empathy. To be able to love one another we should start with ourselves first. Self-love is essential in being able to give the right love out. To summarize my advice to you, love yourself for who you are, and accept your uniqueness. Be your own beautiful planet.

Abeer Hessou: I’m the MYP Physics and mathematics SR teacher at Al-Hayat International School. My goal is to make students feel comfortable to start this year with self-love and self-acceptance.

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