United we stand; A crisis won’t stop us!

I won’t deny that this academic year has been quite challenging. Leading the HR department during both economic and public health crisis has been one tough task. However, despite facing many obstacles along the way, the group was able to stand together and support one another with whatever capacity available. 

On another personal note, this year marks my third year at Al-Hayat International School and my third year living in my home country after 25 years of being away in the gulf. It was a beautiful opportunity to have HIS trust in me and invite me to join their team. It has been an amazing learning curve for me, I had the opportunity to meet and interact with various teachers, and experts in the field of education and management. I had the chance to challenge myself and learn new skills, systems, and programs. HIS has truly become a second family to me especially as my partner and most of my children have been away. 

I hope that our school continues to grow as a united team and that we find effective and sustainable ways to cope with our current surroundings. 

Thank you for your support, love, and dedication.

With much love, 

May Moumneh: Interior Design Degree in addition to a Teaching Diploma from Arab Open University (KSA)

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